Senin, 24 Januari 2011

Persiapan Persentasi KP / Abstraksi

In an institution, company or organization isn’t usually independent of the computer system in conducting any activity concerned. One of them in a clothes shop (boutique). The store is definitely needed a system that can perform data collection products. In addition, the data products are not only made in a data collection system alone, but must be presented in the form of a special dish that can be used as a catalog of products. This prompted the authors to conduct research as a practical work, entitled: "Data Processing System and Product Catalog (SIPEDAKAPRO) in Batik Ku Boutique" which is used to help for data collection products, all at once can lighten the burden when made the paper catalog for buyers.

Data Processing Systems and Products Catalog (SIPEDAKAPRO) is expected to help the process of data collection and making the products catalog. The research was conducted on Batik Ku Boutique located at Suryalaya XVIII Buah Batu street No. 2 Bandung.
Data Processing Systems and Products Catalog (SIPEDAKAPRO) was created by using PHP (Hypertext PreProsessor) as the system interface, Dreamweaver 8 to design a system, and appserv-win32-2.5.9 for database processing system. This application uses the operating system WINDOWS XP 2, which has been widely known and used by Batik Ku boutique.
The method which used for analyzing and designing the system is to use the Data Flow Oriented by using the tools of Data Flow Diagrams (DFD). In addition, when doing database design also using a relation with the methods table relations.

Keywords: SIPEDAKAPRO and
Data Processing Systems and Products Catalog

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